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We can handle your insurance claim.

If you wish to claim on your insurance, the first step is for us to assess the damage. If we are able to repair the damage a quote will be sent to you and/or your insurance company. Once approved a repair date can then be arranged. You need to inform your insurance company that you want Car Cosmetic Repairs to carry out the repair otherwise they will insist on sending the vehicle to a bodyshop of their choice. When the repair is completed you would normally pay us your insurance excess and we claim the difference from your insurance company. Have any questions about your insurance claim, our FAQs below is a good place to start.

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Get your car looked at and fixed by our specialist. Request a no obligation free quote below. Following submission, you will be directed to a link where you can send some photos to us. Our specialist may still request to see your car for proper assessment of the damage. All our repairs are  protected by our repair guarantee!

We don't just take great care of your car, we take care of your data too.

Your data is protected and never shared

  • How do I request a Quote?
    Great to hear you'd like a quote. Get a free no obligation quote HERE
  • How do I send photos of my vehicle?
    At Car Cosmetic Repairs, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to describe the damage to your vehicle over the phone. That's why we offer the option to send photos of your vehicle to our team. Here's how you can do it: 1. Take clear photos of the damage to your vehicle from different angles. Make sure the photos are well-lit and in focus. 2. Send photos of the damage to us on WhatsApp OR email the photos to us at If you have not submitted the quote request form online at the point of sending photos, then please include your name, phone number, and a brief description of the damage in the email. If you are have already submitted a quote request form, then we have these details aready, an email with the photos attached will do just fine. 3. Our team will review the photos and get back to you with an estimate and recommendations for repairs. If you have any questions about sending photos or would like to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (+44(0)8008611826 or +44(0)7935402079. We look forward to helping you get your vehicle back to its pre-damage condition.
  • What damage can be repaired?
    Our SMART repair is suitable for: Paintwork scratches Dents Bumper scuffs Split Bumpers Alloy wheel damage Headlight Restoration Surface Rust Changing Car or Wheel Paint Colours Damage Not on the list? Send us photos of your car on WhatsApp Here or by email at One of our friendly repair specialist will assess the damage and get back to you.
  • How long does it take?
    We can take up to 4 days to get your car damage repaired, depending on the nature of the damage and our availability. We however often finsih repairs in less than 4 days. Your repairer will give you an approximate time with your repair cost estimate.
  • Will the paint colour match?
    Yes, we can match any paint colour and finish with our colour-matching technology. We start with the manufacturer’s colour code and then use our spectrophotometer machine to scan the paint and identify the specific tone. We can then replicate the colour with our specialist range of tints.
  • How exactly does bodywork repair work?
    Here are the steps for repairing scratches and scuffs: 1. Clean the Damaged Area A bodywork repair requires the area to be completely clean and dry. So Car Cosmetic Repairs specialists start by cleaning and drying the damaged area to prepare it for the repair. Cleaning the area will remove any dirt and wax that may interfere with the bodyworkrepair process. The specialist will then ensure the area is completely dry before moving onto the next step. 2. Mask Neighbouring Panels Once the area is clean and dry, the specialist will carefully mask off the neighbouring panels and details such as lights and badges. Masking around the repair area will stop any overspray on nearby panels, creating a perfect repair. 3. Sanding Damaged Area Once the surrounding area has been fully masked, the specialist will begin to sand down the damaged area to reveal the paint and primer layers. To create a high-quality finish, Car Cosmetic Repairs specialists rebuild the colour layer by layer so it’s important to sand down each layer. 4. Primer Application The sanded area is then primed with a grey base, this creates a base layer for the colour matched paint to be applied. Once the primer is applied it is then cured with an infrared lamp. 5. Paint Application Once the primer has cured, the paint is then applied in thin layers with a specialist spray gun. After every layer has been applied, it is cured with a heat lamp. The paint is applied in thin layers to ensure a perfect finish to the repair. The entire area is then cured on final time with the infrared lamp. 6. Finishing and Polishing When the paint has cured, the area is left to cool. Any paint nibs are then removed with an extremely fine grain paper to ensure the perfect repair. Finally, the panel is polished and buffed to give a shiny finish.
  • For how long is the repair guaranteed?
    All our paintwork and dent repairs come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Headlight Restoration is guaranteed for 3 years. Alloy wheel repairs is guaranteed for 6 months. See our Terms of Service.
  • Will the damage still be visible?
    No, you shouldn’t be able to see the damage once the car has been repaired. We aim to get your car looking as good as new.
  • Where will the repair be carried out?
    You could drop off your car at our car care centre and pick up your vehicle after repair or our repair specialists can pick up your vehicle and repair it at our car care centre and return your vehicle. Our car care centre is located at Woodyard Cottage, Fawsley. Daventry. NN11 3BS. Within our car care centre, we are able to control the repair environment, such as temperature etc, and we are are not hindered by bad weather conditions. Ready to get your car fixed? Request a free quote HERE and our friendly team can then book you in for a repair appointment.
  • How much does a repair cost?
    The cost of a bodywork repair depends on a lot of factors. We take into account the size, depth and location of the damage, as well as the car’s paint finish. But our bodywork repairs are usually cheaper than your car insurance excess, meaning you don’t need to make a claim. We have given an estimate of how much you would be expected to pay HERE
  • How do I look after the car repair?
    The car will be fine to drive and expose to rain immediately after the repair. It won’t need any special attention but we advise you not to wash, scrub or buff the panel for five days following the repair.
  • How do I know how to describe the location of damage on my car?
    Below is a diagram describing the different panels of a car. Most of our repairs are priced per panel.
  • What payment methods do you accept at Car Cosmetic Repairs?
    We accept cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards. (via card reader). If we have sent you an invoice by email, or sent a payment link, you can view it online and use the payment button to pay securely via our payment service.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand that life can often be unpredictable, so we offer a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please contact us at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Any appointment cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may incur a cancellation fee.
  • Do you offer finance?
    Yes, we offer finance through our partner lenders, Klarna and Payment Assist. Spread the cost of your repair with no fees and no interest.
  • How do I make a car insurance claim?
    To make a car insurance claim, contact your insurance provider and provide them with details of the damage to your vehicle. Be sure to have your policy number and other relevant information on hand. Your insurance provider will then be able to guide you through the steps of making a claim.
  • How can I make a car insurance claim for repairs at Car Cosmetic Repairs?
    In general, car insurance claims work like this: Speak to your insurer and explain what happened. You don’t need to tell your car insurance company straight away, but most require you to contact them within 24 hours of the incident. Explain in as much detail as possible what's happened to your car and how it's damaged. At this point, it's a good idea to get a quote for the damage from Car Cosmetic Repairs. The insurer explains how much you need to pay for your excess and how much you could get to repair or replace the car. The car gets repaired by Car Cosmetic repairs . Your insurer arranges for the payout to be transferred to your repairer Note: Your insurer may also want to pay someone else to make the repairs directly. It is important to let them know that you want the repairs carried out by Car Cosmetic Repairs.
  • How do I contact my insurance company
    Contact information for your insurance company should be available on your insurance policy or on the company's website. If you have any further questions, please contact your Car Cosmetic Repairs representative and they can help guide you in the right direction.
  • How do I start an insurance claim?
    Most insurers require you to call them to make your claim. But some might let you make car insurance claims online, so it's worth checking your online account. This starts the claims process and you should be told what you need to provide and how the claim will be handled. It is best to contact your insurance provider directly to start an insurance claim. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and paperwork needed to complete the claim. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • What information do I need when I contact my insurance company?
    When you speak to your insurer, you need to have certain information available: Your policy number The registration details of both vehicle(s) The name and address of the registered owner of the car (if they aren’t driving it) The date and time of the incident Crime reference numbers if the police have been involved The names and contact details of the other driver, any passengers and witnesses Photos of the damage to your car and any others involved (if you’ve taken any) The location, including road or street names, and the nearest house or business numbers Time of the incident as well as road and weather conditions
  • What types of car insurance claims are there?
    Accident Windscreen glass Theft Malicious damage Storm or flood Fire
  • Can I still claim if hit by an uninsured driver?
    If you’re in an accident with someone without insurance, you should be able to claim from your own insurer if you have comprehensive cover. If the other driver is uninsured, some insurers let you claim and keep your no-claims bonus and don’t ask you to pay your excess. But this depends on the insurer. If you don’t have comprehensive cover, you can make a claim with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) for compensation relating to personal injuries and other losses. Any payments from the MIB are subject to a £300 excess.
  • If I damage my own car can I claim on my insurance?
    Yes, so long as you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, which covers you for damage to your cover if the accident was your fault. If you have third-party only or third-party fire and theft, you're not covered if you've damaged your car. If the other driver is at fault, you should be able to claim on their car insurance policy regardless of what kind of policy you have.
  • What happens to my no-claims bonus if I make a claim?
    Every claim you make usually takes 2-3 years off your no claims bonus (NCB). Depending on how much no-claims you've got, you might lose it all in a single claim. Protecting your NCB allows you to have a certain amount of ‘at fault’ accidents without affecting the bonus.. It's often referred to as no-claims discount protection. This means that your no-claims bonus remains intact when you claim. Each insurance company has different rules regarding how many claims you’re allowed.
  • Am I eligible for Payment Assist Finance?
    Your eligibility for finance from Payment Assist will be subject to your circumstances. However, you will need to: Be 18 years or older Have a valid mobile telephone number and email address Have a UK home address Have a valid UK based Debit card Should you be in an IVA, payment assist will require some additional information to assess your application including a letter from your IVA company confirming that you are allowed to take finance along with your bank statement
  • Will I be credit checked?
    If you are borrowing less than £500, Payment assist will simply check that your card has adequate funds to pay the initial deposit and the address registered to your Debit card matches, but no footprint is left on your credit status and this online check takes seconds. If you are borrowing £500 and above, they will need to carry out a hard credit check, where this is the case, they will ask for your permission before this takes place.
  • How does the 4 months option work?
    You will pay a deposit of 25% of the total bill via your Debit card on the day, followed by three more equal payments form the Debit card.
  • How are my payments taken?
    The payments are taken by a Recurring Card Payment Authority instead of a Direct Debit. If your card changes then please contact us and then we can update it to the correct details for you.
  • Can I pay in full earlier?
    Yes, simply give payment assist a call on their office number and they can arrange that for you.
  • What should I do if I am unable to make a payment this month?
    If you find yourself in this position, please call payment assist on 01664 503151. Alternatively, they can be contacted on email at or by using the online chat function on their website which is manned weekdays from 9am till 6pm and 9am till 3pm on Saturdays. Payment Assist operates a fair collections policy and will always endeavor to give you adequate time to resolve any financial difficulties in repaying your loan.
  • How will I know if my Credit Agreement has started?
    Once you have completed the link that is sent to you will receive an email confirming it is set up which will include a schedule of your loan payments.
  • Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
    If your complaint is regarding a vehicle repair, in the first instance we would recommend contacting Car Cosmetic Repairs directly as we will be able to resolve any issues quickly for you. However, if your complaint is regarding the finance or any service that you have received from Payment Assist, they can be contacted on 01664 503151, or by email at
  • How do I apply for finance with Payment Assist?
    At Car Cosmetic Repairs, we make it easy to get the repairs you need with our financing options. To apply for financing, please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the necessary forms.
  • Does Klarna perform a credit check and will it affect my credit score?
    Depending on the payment method or service you choose, Klarna may perform different types of searches to check your financial standing. You can find an overview of the credit checks we run for their payment options and services and whether they impact your credit score below. Using the below Klarna payment options will not affect your credit score. However, existing, late and unpaid balances, and payment holidays, are visible on your credit file to other lenders. Making repayments on time consistently will help build a positive history when using our payment options. Choosing to ‘Pay in 3 instalments’ Deciding to ‘Pay in 30 days’ Creating a ‘One-time card’ Using Klarna might affect your credit score when: Applying for one of their Financing options If you decide to use Financing, they might perform a credit check with credit reference agencies to complete your credit assessment. This credit check will show up as an inquiry on your credit report, will be visible to other lenders and might impact your credit score.
  • What Information do I need to provide when I pay with Klarna?
    To make a purchase with Klarna you need to provide: Your phone number Email Address Current billing address A valid debit/credit card We recommend that if you are new to Klarna and you haven’t used Klarna’s payment options before, you should have your first order delivered to your billing address (where your bank account is registered). This maximises the chances of your purchase being accepted. All information will be sent to your email address, so it is important you provide the right contact details. If you do not receive your statements you may become liable for late payment fees. Good to know: If you change your email address after you have placed an order, please contact Klarna Customer Service and they will help you update your information.
Insurance FAQs
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